ActNow! Rescue Donation Drive

All of us here, at Periodontics of O'Fallon, are animal lovers!  Most of us have rescue dogs that have brought us so much lover and happiness into our lives causing us to want to do all we can to support the shelters out there doing so much to help these animals.  ActNow! Rescue is one of those shelters! For the month of January, we will be doing a donations drive for this rescue.  Below is information about the rescue and a list of donation items that are needed!  Thank you!

Act NOW! Rescue is a not-for-profit no kill organization, Founded in September 2006, committed to saving dogs, both stray and those in euthanizing shelters, in order to nurse them to health through our foster care system and place them into loving, adoptive homes.  We will demonstrate responsible guardianship for our animals and offer educational programs to present information about animal over population, spay and neuter, how to be a responsible pet guardian, and safety for pets and their owners. Our service areas include St. Louis County, Jefferson, St. Charles, Warren and Franklin County in Missouri, where we work to help reduce pet over-population through our spay and neuter programs as well as offer spay and neuter services to low income families.


ACT Now! Rescue is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and donations made to ACT Now! Rescue are tax deductible within the limitations of federal, state, and local laws.

We are an all volunteer organization dedicated to the causes of rescue, rehabilitation, placement, education and welfare.  All donations go directly to the expenses of animals saved in the group in serving our mission to help dogs in the regions we serve; Saint Louis County, Jefferson County, Saint Charles, Warren and Franklin County in Missouri.

If you would like to make a donation, you can donate online using your credit card. We have partnered with PayPal to provide a safe, secure method to process on-line credit card donations.

Needed Donation Items


Martingale Collars




Puppy Potty Pads




Towels and/or Paper Towels


Kong Toys


Gas Cards


Walmart Gift Cards




Baby Gates


Dog Food


*You may also donate monetarily by going to and clicking on the donate tab!*